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What We Do

Wedding Photography


Having good wedding photography can give you peace of mind in knowing that all of your precious moments will be preserved. The photoshoot will take images of the highest quality for you. Knowing that your memories are being documented by someone who understands what they're doing puts you at rest, and feeling at ease helping you to be immersed on your wedding day and focused on celebrating with the people you love. In this case, we can be the best choice.

Pre Wedding Photography


Pre-wedding photography is a great way for both parties to get to know each other better before the big day. You have the option of posing or not posing. Natural moments, expressions, and true feelings shared by the couple are captured by pre-wedding shoot photographers. Such images add to the vibrancy of your album. In this regard, we provide you with the greatest services available.



The purpose of a cinematic wedding video is to tell a tale. This is accomplished through a combination of lectures, visuals, and music. The cinematographer will shoot the film in high-quality short clips, which will give it a unique look. This is because they are attempting to convey a tale rather than simply documenting every moment of the day.

Our Latest Works

Indian Wedding Photography Trends

There is one element that remains consistent in Indian society, even though its values and traditions have not changed. Our customs' ever-changing and inclusive nature makes every occasion happy and enjoyable for individuals of all ages. This is what sparked the wedding photography craze in India. Weddings used to be all about the couple being married, and photography was mostly limited to classic staged portraits. Photographs of couples as well as photographs of guests with couples. Wedding photography appears to have changed now that the Internet has swept an entire generation. There are a few trends that have garnered a lot of traction in recent years.


1.Pre-wedding photography – Pre-wedding photography, as the name implies, is done days, weeks, or months before the wedding. It allows the couple to spend quality time together while also allowing them to get to know the photographer. This is especially beneficial for couples who are camera-shy or want to try out new perspectives and postures. Pre-wedding photography is one of those trends that has garnered a lot of traction in a short amount of time. Every other couple now seems to want a pre-wedding photoshoot.

2.Candid Wedding photography - When practically everyone on social media was publishing candid images, the art of capturing candid moments shocked the world of photography. It appears that candid shots outperform standard posed photographs, giving them a more genuine and authentic sense. It not only looks wonderful, but it also aids in the telling of the story as is. Since then, Indian wedding photography has evolved. Unlike in the past, when the entire album appeared to be a planned act, people are becoming more open to the idea of acquiring candid photos.

3.Drone Photography - Drone photography is influencing Indian wedding photography trends, which are affected by new technology as well as photography styles. In the field of photography, technology has always played a significant role. Now, if a photographer can conjure up a scene in his brain, technology can bring it to life. Drones are the rage this year. Taking a picture from the sky, shooting wonderfully smooth films from the air, and seeing things that one might never see in his entire life. Drones can assist in achieving any goal. This fashion has found its way into Indian wedding photography. Drones are already being used by wedding photographers to capture important moments between a couple.

4.Videos with Same-Day Editing -There was a time when couples had to wait days, if not months, to receive their wedding film. Photographers are now able to complete the procedure in hours or minutes, rather than days or weeks. Yes! Videos that can be edited the same day are now a thing. While the wedding is in progress, the photographer will begin filming, edit the video in a matter of minutes, and only show the video during the ceremony. The photographer will then capture the reactions of the guests to the film in the next step.

5.Bridal Dance Videos - Bridal dance videos are another popular Indian wedding photography trend. Bridal dance videos are becoming increasingly popular among couples and on social media. Instagram is inundated with videos and photographs of bridal dances that have piqued people's interest. Typically, bridal dance recordings are viewed as a means for the pair to commemorate their special day by including the bride in the dance performance. The best part is that the dance rehearsals begin months before the wedding, so it's a sight to behold when the bride, her brothers and sisters, and their parents shake a leg to charming music together.



Plan together with your photographer

A successful picture shoot requires good photography planning. While it's ideal to have your camera with you at all times and not leave it in your backpack, you must still find your subjects. After all, cameras don't have an "excellent subject" alert built-in.

Discuss the shots that you want in advance

We always have a blueprint of photos to be taken with the time in our mind. In this case, we want some photos to be taken early. So, it’s important to discuss the shots that we want in advance

Set up locations ahead of time

Choosing a proper location setup is one of the most crucial components of portrait photography. All other decisions about the shoot will be based on your choice, including what lighting and props to use, what clothes the subject should wear, and the best positions to use.

Assign a family member to work with the wedding photographer

Assigning a family member to assist the photographer not only smoothens the function but also checks the authenticity of the photography.

Gathering moments for the future

It captures a moment in time that you'll remember and treasure for years to come. When you look at the images that individuals save, you'll notice that they frequently preserve photos of their loved ones, pets, places, and things.


To ensure smooth photography there are some questions which you should ask a photographer.

What is your video style and storytelling approach?

We should always ask the photographer about his techniques and how he approaches making the video and telling the story at the same time.

What kind of equipment will you be using? How do you handle sound and lighting?

All the equipment that the photographers use must be known to us. We should ask them about the photography equipment especially the one for sound and lighting.

How much do you charge, and are there any package services? What is included in your packages?

These are the most important questions to be asked to any photographer. Our main concern should be to know the charge properly and ask if any offer is available.

When can I expect to see the finished product?

Last but not the least, it’s a common question to ask the photographer. We all are anxious about the time by when we would get our desirable product.

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